Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 1
Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 2
Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 3
Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 4
Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 5
Yvette Costeau - Blow for Playing 6

Yvette Costaeu in an evening dress and with heels.

She inflates the huge blue balloon in order to ...

Secratary - Ride to pop 0
Secratary - Ride to pop 1
Secratary - Ride to pop 2
Secratary - Ride to pop 3
Secratary - Ride to pop 4
Secratary - Ride to pop 5
Secratary - Ride to pop 6

In a sexy secretary's outfit and heels, Yvette inflates the balloon and then rides it ...

Until it bursts!


Yvette Costeau5:08 minutesBalloon, Fetish, Milf
popping 0
popping 1
popping 2
popping 3
popping 4
popping 5
popping 6

After B2P didn't quite work, Yvette simply lies down on the beautiful red balloon ... and then there is a big bang!

condom and catsiut 0
condom and catsiut 1
condom and catsiut 2
condom and catsiut 3
condom and catsiut 4
condom and catsiut 5
condom and catsiut 6

What an outfit! A white sexy catsuit .... Yvette pulls a condom over her head and blows it up!

Balloon Crossover  2/2 0
Balloon Crossover  2/2 1
Balloon Crossover  2/2 2
Balloon Crossover  2/2 3
Balloon Crossover  2/2 4
Balloon Crossover  2/2 5
Balloon Crossover  2/2 6

Bondage can also mean loads of fun! This time in a really splendid crossover video with the website www.yvette-xtreme.com

A great bondage and a great suspension. Yvette totally naked, she has to inflate several balloons. These come in a box with a lid. In the end, Yvette is also put in this box!

A cool session in two parts! ATTENTION: Part one is available exclusively on www.yvette-xtreme.com

As a "candy" there is the shot of the ceiling camera that was filmed at the same time!

Pink balloon

Yvette Costeau12:16 minutesBalloon, Love
Pink balloon 0
Pink balloon 1
Pink balloon 2
Pink balloon 3
Pink balloon 4
Pink balloon 5
Pink balloon 6

Finally another glossy balloon fetish video! Thank you very much for this wish! Then admire my awesome catsuit outfit and my game with the pink balloon! Yvette really starts again!

2 condom videos

Yvette Costeau15:54 minutesBalloon, Latex
2 condom videos 0
2 condom videos 1
2 condom videos 2
2 condom videos 3
2 condom videos 4
2 condom videos 5
2 condom videos 6

There's something NEW on www.fetishballoons.com

By popular request now also condom video .....

Yvette inflates a condom and then pulls it over her head. With the existing air she continues to breathe ...


At the backyard 0
At the backyard 1
At the backyard 2
At the backyard 3
At the backyard 4
At the backyard 5
At the backyard 6

Yvette and the giant turquoise balloon in the sunshine in the garden ;o)