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Bondage can also mean loads of fun! This time in a really splendid crossover video with the website

A great bondage and a great suspension. Yvette totally naked, she has to inflate several balloons. These come in a box with a lid. In the end, Yvette is also put in this box!

A cool session in two parts! ATTENTION: Part one is available exclusively on

As a "candy" there is the shot of the ceiling camera that was filmed at the same time!

giant balloon in the bed

11:00 minutesBalloon
giant balloon in the bed 0
giant balloon in the bed 1
giant balloon in the bed 2

A giant balloon in the bed of the innocent girl ....
Is that good?

behind glass

Yvette Costeau3:16 minutesBalloon
behind glass 0
behind glass 1
behind glass 2
behind glass 3
behind glass 4

Behind glass ... right by the window to the park can Yvette in sexy outfit the balloons burst!

live at BoundCon

1:44 minutesBalloon
live at BoundCon 0
live at BoundCon 1
live at BoundCon 2
live at BoundCon 3
live at BoundCon 4

Jule live at BoundCon IX in Munich...

European Fetish Convention....

Fayth on Fire !

8:08 minutesBalloon
Fayth on Fire ! 0
Fayth on Fire ! 1
Fayth on Fire ! 2
Fayth on Fire ! 3
Fayth on Fire ! 4

Live Balloon Action at the Event in Linz, Austria

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barefoot balloon trampling 0
barefoot balloon trampling 1
barefoot balloon trampling 2
barefoot balloon trampling 3
barefoot balloon trampling 4

Yvette barefoot in spain...

Balloon Trampling...

On Stage !

Yvette Costeau4:16 minutesBalloon
On Stage ! 0
On Stage ! 1
On Stage ! 2
On Stage ! 3
On Stage ! 4

Yvette Costeau on the big show-stage!

two girls on spanish island 0
two girls on spanish island 1
two girls on spanish island 2
two girls on spanish island 3
two girls on spanish island 4

Two sexy girls with balloons on a spanish island. Blowing up in public.

Live at FetishCon

3:05 minutesBalloon
Live at FetishCon 0
Live at FetishCon 1
Live at FetishCon 2
Live at FetishCon 3
Live at FetishCon 4

Two girls in a blow up contest at fetish con in Tampa...

Lena and the Yellow

5:06 minutesBalloon
Lena and the Yellow 0
Lena and the Yellow 1
Lena and the Yellow 2
Lena and the Yellow 3
Lena and the Yellow 4

The cute blonde Lena King blow to popp the yellow balloon.